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Get Subtitles

Download subtitles for your favorite movies, videos, sitcoms or shows easily. Get subtitles is a must have app for anyone who watches videos on their phone or app and needs subtitles. The app checks your phone for videos, movies and sitcoms, and then allows you to view the available subtitles and download them. The language […]

Yoga Quotes

Hundreds of quotes and asana pictures from yoga masters to help you maintain focus in all situations. Do you wish your phone could help you improve your yoga skills and memory of the asanas? Now you can remember your yoga philosophy and practice with our app. It contains beautiful quotes, sayings and pictures, presented in […]

Sunny Messenger

Why send a plain email or sms? When you can send a Sunny Message! With our innovate approach to communicating with your friends and loved ones, you can now bring your messages to life by embedding pictures, cool fonts and colors into them with ease. Pictures can be chosen from the album on your phone, […]

Birthday eCard

Looking for a way to send Birthday eCards to your friends or loved ones? Sunny Appz has released this innovate eCard sending app for smartphones, that allows you to craft cards on your phone, and then share a link with your friend that send them to your own personal webpage that contains the greeting you […]

Kids Puzzle Game-Africa

Looking for a puzzle that can be played by even the youngest of children, then look no further. Sunny Appz has released this super cool kids puzzle game with an African theme to keep your child entertained, and also help him/her learn the names of Africa animals, and develop their brains, motor skills and more. […]

Cool Maths Algebra Game

Maths is an important skill, and as they say, you got to use it or lose it. This very cool app lets you practise your maths skills on your Android or iPhone phone. The questions start off simple enough for anyone from 3rd grade upwards and become difficult enough to challenge even the smartest adults. […]

Love Quotes and Pictures

Designed to help you remember the love within you and share it with the people around you. Contains countless love quotes and also pictures to go with each quote. They can be added to a favorites page, and can be called upon any time to view again. They can also be sent to friends via email. […]

Business Quotes

  An app to help you remain positive while working in the business world. Get mentored by some of the worlds’ most successful people. Download Now Android Phones “Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning. – Bill Gates” “A thousand disappointments in the past cannot equal the power of one […]

Love Letter eCards

❤Do you long to express you feelings to the one you love, or would like to make someone special feel great!❤ Our Love Letter eCards app is a revolution in the field of sharing love. It allows you to compose your love letter on your phone, then the app creates a private webpage with your […]

Baby Lyrics and Songs

We designed this app for the mothers and fathers out there, to help them with life’s precious task of raising their child. It contains an abundant assortment of wonderful baby songs, lyrics and lullaby’s so you can play them to your child, sing them yourself, or even sing along while the music plays. The lullaby’s […]