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Download subtitles for your favorite movies, videos, sitcoms or shows easily.

Get subtitles is a must have app for anyone who watches videos on their phone or app and needs subtitles.

The app checks your phone for videos, movies and sitcoms, and then allows you to view the available subtitles and download them.

The language of the subs can be chosen from a list of over 100 available languages.

Also manually navigate the folders on your phone or tablet to the video file.


-The app FREE

-Automatically detect the movie and video files

-Automatically checks movie to find matching subtitles

-Fast and accurate subtitle downloader engine (OpenSubtitles)

-Manual searching of files also

-Supports over 170 languages including English, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and many more.

-Launch video player from within app, saves having to find the video or movie on your device

-Uses OpenSubtitles comprehensive catalogue of subtitles

-Easy to use

-Attractive and simple interface

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