Love Letter eCards

❤Do you long to express you feelings to the one you love, or would like to make someone special feel great!❤

Our Love Letter eCards app is a revolution in the field of sharing love. It allows you to compose your love letter on your phone, then the app creates a private webpage with your customized card and then you can send a link to that webpage to your loved one.

There is hundreds of beautiful Love Letters, pictures, quotes and poems to choose from..

❤ Amazing selection of original love letters
❤ Many beautiful pictures and backgrounds that can be used to decorate the card
❤ Automatically creates a private eCard webpage with your message
❤ Share the link to the eCard webpage with your loved one via email, SMS, skype, Google+, Twitter and many more applications

Note: For sharing on Twitter, Google+ and some other services you must have the relevant app installed.


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(The last screenshot is an example of the webpage that is created)