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Bible Quotes and Pictures

A thoughtful collection of quotes and verses from the Holy Bible. The quotes are combined with awe inspiring pictures of Jesus, Mary, the Bible, and other religious type pictures. It’s available for android smartphones and can be downloaded from the Google Play store now. Download Now Android Phones iPhone

Inspirational Pictures

A collection of the finest, most beautiful and inspiring pictures in the world. Each picture is combined with an inspirational quote to help you stay in a positive frame of mind, and help you achieve all you are capable of. The pictures can be downloaded to the sd-card in high quality, and can be shared […]

How To Be Happy Quotes

Being happy is something we all want and it is very often the key driving factor behind our life’s ambitions, which is why having good guidance, from people who have achieved happiness themselves is important. Our How To Be Happy Quotes app is a collection of quotes and sayings from many inspiring people to help us […]

Life Quotes and Pictures

“The road of life is sometimes smooth and sometimes rocky, sometimes sweet and sometimes sour, but the wisdom of the wise helps to remind us of the deeper meanings behind our circumstances.” Our Life Quotes and Pictures app is a collection of quotes from many great people to help us on this road called life. […]

Spiritual Quotes and Pictures

An app designed to inspire you to connect to the spirit within. It contains spiritual quotes from the greats such as Buddha, Albert Einstein, A Course in Miracles, Neale Donald Walsch, Osho, Deepak Chopra, Rumi, Richard Bach, Eckhart Tolle and many more. There is also a vast collection of spiritual pictures to go with the […]